About William B. (Bill) Hockey


William B. (Bill) Hockey
Consultant, Owner

Mr. Hockey received his Bachelor of Architecture in 1970.  He has been working in the preservation field since September 1971, when he was hired by Parks Canada to produce measured drawings of Historic Properties, Halifax as part of their commitment to assist with development of the site.  He moved to Ottawa in 1974 where he held positions in Heritage Recording and Restoration Architecture.  While there he worked on historic sites from coast to coast, as well as sites in Dawson City, Yukon.  In 1979 he moved to Calgary to become Head of Restoration Architecture, responsible for projects in Alberta and British Columbia.


In Alberta Mr. Hockey was a member of the Alberta Association of Architects and the Alberta Building Envelope Council, (ABEC).  He also took responsibilities as Project Manager for projects including Renovation of Big House, Fort Langley, Rehabilitation of the Banff Park Museum, and stabilization of the Gulf of Georgia Cannery in Richmond, B.C.  It was through work on these projects plus his involvement with ABEC, that he became interested in both the costs and technical problems related to the continued use of historic buildings as a cost-effective alternative to new construction.


In 1988 Mr. Hockey returned to Halifax as Head Architectural Analysis and Planning, responsible for the buildings portion of the Parks Canada Agency’s Program in the four Atlantic Provinces.  He also wanted to pursue a Master of Environmental Design Studies (Conservation) Degree, which he received in 1992.  His Thesis evaluated the costs of reuse of historic buildings and how they are incurred, using 54 Canadian Case Studies as the statistical basis.  Between August 4, 1993 and October 31, 2001 Mr. Hockey dealt with the ravages of fire for St. Andrew’s Blockhouse, Saint George’s Round Church, Halifax, the Pictou Railway Station, Green Gables House, and St. John’s Anglican Church, Lunenburg, building expertise in a field that he had not intended to work in.  Other Halifax projects include restoration of the Halifax Town Clock, installation of a theatre in the Cavalier Building and Adaptation of six casements of the Halifax Citadel Redan to staff offices.  He has also provided certification services with the Canadian Heritage Places Incentive Funding Program reviewing projects for compliance with the Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Places in Canada. He is currently a member of ICOMOS Canada and a Member and Past Director of the Association for Preservation Technology International, (APT)


Mr Hockey retired from PWGSC in December 2006 and is owner/operator of his own company Architectural Conservation Services. He is currently working on a number of projects dealing with restoration of historic masonry, as well as providing functional guidance on several others.